The scene at Burchfield School in West Oneida on Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017, after it was feared a fire had begun in the school's cafeteria. (Ben Garrett/IH)

A fire was feared at Burchfield Elementary School in West Oneida Thursday morning, when smoke in the cafeteria area set off fire alarms and prompted a response from Oneida Fire Department and law enforcement.

Students were ushered from the building soon after the fire alarms began sounding shortly after they reported to classes to start the school day. However, the Scott County School System's Central Office was able to quickly assure parents via its School Reach telecommunications system that there was no actual fire and that all students were safe.

Apparently, a belt in an HVAC unit on the roof above the cafeteria caused the smoke and the fire alarms.

Students remained outside for about an hour as firefighters investigated.