HUNTSVILLE — A total of 12 citations were issued by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department for underage drinking Saturday night, along with three adult arrests and one juvenile arrest.

The underage drinking citations came as an interdiction surge by a team of Sheriff’s Department officers resulted in party raids in Oneida, Helenwood and Fairview, according to drug agent Kris Lewallen.

Lewallen said the three parties were busted as part of an eight-hour interdiction surge involving a number of officers from the Sheriff’s Department. According to his report, the owners of the homes in the three communities admitted to hosting the parties for the youths. Two of them were cited into court, while a third was arrested on a charge of resisting stop, halt and frisk. Additionally, an underage boy was arrested at the Fairview home after allegedly attempting to evade officers on foot.

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The complete story can be found in the August 17, 2017 print edition of the Independent Herald.