An accused vandal landed in jail Saturday after allegedly challenging a police officer to a fight.

Teddy S. Norris, 44, of Edgewood Estates in Oneida, was arrested shortly after 10 a.m. Saturday morning, after allegedly vandalizing mailboxes.

According to an arrest warrant filed by Oneida Police Department patrolman Chad Jones, a “very agitated and irate” Norris challenged him to a fight — but changed his mind when he caught a glimpse of Jones’ taser.

Police officers were dispatched to the area after 911 dispatchers received a report of a man “walking in and out of traffic” at the Boys & Girls Club. According to Jones’ warrant, he encountered Norris at the intersection of Verdun Road and O&W Road a short distance away.

The agitated Norris attempted to walk away, Jones wrote in the warrant. Then, after Jones exited his patrol car, Norris allegedly raised his fist and said, “Let’s just fight.”

However, when Jones pulled out his taser, Norris allegedly said, “Don’t shoot me with that lightning thing.”

As OPD Investigator Bill Miller arrived on the scene to provide backup, Norris was taken into arrest without incident. While Jones was transporting Norris to the Scott County Justice Center in Huntsville, Miller was dispatched to nearby Edgewood Boulevard to investigate a complain of vandalized mailboxes. Jones wrote that Miller also noticed mail with Norris’s name on it “thrown about the neighborhood.”

Norris was charged with vandalism, disorderly conduct and littering.