HUNTSVILLE — A Scott County man is facing charges after a brief standoff with authorities amid a domestic dispute.

Harry G. Dilts, 37, of Oneida, was arrested Wednesday (June 7), following a standoff of more than an hour at his Leatherwood Road home. While he eventually complied with law enforcement officers’ demands to exit his residence, an altercation ensued outside the home as officers attempted to take him into custody.

According to a warrant filed by Scott County Sheriff’s Department domestic violence officer Michelle Sexton, Dilts barricaded himself inside his home after his wife called 911.

Allegedly, Dilts’ wife told officers that he had assaulted her multiple times in recent weeks, once by attempting to flip her out of a chair, once by attempting to suffocate her and once by beating her with a belt. On Wednesday, she became frightened enough to phone authorities after Dilts began “sharpening a very large knife in a showy manner,” according to the warrant.

The warrant stated that Dilts was able to sneak her three young children outside the home, but as she attempted to get into a vehicle outside the residence, Dilts crawled into the vehicle through the passenger side and attempted to seize her.

According to the warrant, Dilts ran back inside the residence and barricaded herself inside a bedroom. After beating on the door and attempting to get through a window, Dilts allegedly started a chainsaw, which he used to cut through the door.

As Dilts was cutting through the door, his wife fled through a window.

As officers arrived on the scene, according to a separate warrant filed by deputy Darcy Phillips, Dilts had barricaded himself inside the residence and refused to come out, telling deputies, “This is my property and you’re not coming in.”

After more than an hour, Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Tommy Silcox was able to persuade Dilts to leave the residence. Officers removed the knife from Dilts, and Dilts allegedly admitted to using a chainsaw to gain entry to the bedroom where his wife had sought refuge. But as deputies attempted to place him in handcuffs, he allegedly began to fight. After being wrestled to the ground and subdued, he allegedly became aggressive once more, forcing officers to use a taser to end the confrontation.

Assisting Phillips and Silcox at the scene were assistant chief deputy Andy Lewallen, Lt. Jason Pike, detective Adam Douglas and deputy Skylar Chambers.

Dilts was charged with aggravated assault, domestic assault, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest.