HUNTSVILLE — County Commission appears to be close to lowering the speed limit on Stanley Creek Road in remote northeastern Scott County to 20 mph.

The measure, which will be presented to the full commission later this month after being approved by the Community Development Committee on Monday, follows a request from a property owner who appeared before the committee.

Rachel Beaty requested that speed limits be placed along the roadway, which is used by ATV riders and other off-road enthusiasts to access the popular Chitwood Mountain area. Beaty said that she had approached the Scott County Road Department about placing the signs, only to learn that the strapped-for-cash department could not authorize the purchase.

Scott County Attorney John Beaty told commissioners that the default speed limit on roads without speed limit signs is 35 mph. However, several commissioners appeared to be on board with lowering the speed limit, which Rachel Beaty requested be set at 20 mph.

After County Mayor Dale Perdue told Beaty the matter would be taken under consideration after the new budget year begins, 2nd District County Commissioner June Jeffers said she would donate the money to purchase the speed limit signs, if the road department would agree to install them.

After a motion from 5th District County Commissioner Trent Cross and a second from 7th District Commissioner Mike Slaven, the committee voted unanimously to lower the speed limit on Stanley Creek Road to 20 mph, sending the matter on to the full commission. Fourth District Commissioner Rick Russ did not vote, saying he was not prepared to cast a vote in favor of lowering the speed limit without knowing more about the situation.

“Are we setting a precedent on every road?” Russ asked.

Road name considered: County Commission’s Emergency Services Committee forwarded to the full commission a resolution to rename a little-used roadway in southern Scott County for E-911 purposes.

The road, which has traditionally been called Goose Creek Road, is located along the Scott-Morgan county line, beginning near Coal Hill Road in Scott County and ending at Davis Road in Morgan County.

Glenn Mize, who purchased land along the road and is financing the sale of lots along the road, said property owners looking to build homes along the road are unable to obtain E-911 addresses. He said Scott County E-911 director Wayne Shoemaker indicated that the roadway was not on any of the county’s maps. However, Mize said, “As far as we know, the road has been named Goose Creek Road since the beginning of time.” He presented a map from the Glenmary Coal & Coke Co., dating back to 1919, showing Goose Creek Road.

However, there has since been another road in Scott County named Goose Creek Road. Mize suggested that the Glenmary road be renamed Goose Creek Run, which would allow it to retain its history that dates back to the coal mining days.

“If we can keep something similar to (the current name) to try to keep the history there, we’d love that,” Mize said.

Russ, who is a paramedic for the Scott County Ambulance Service, objected to renaming the road Goose Creek Run, saying it creates confusion for emergency services.

The road is not a county-maintained road, although the Scott County Road Department does occasionally repair the road to allow access to McCartt Cemetery for burials. Only one full-time resident lives on the road.

EMS director Jim Reed said the road is “better than some roads we access now,” and would be mostly problem-free for his ambulances, with the exception of a creek crossing that would be impassable after excessive rainfall. Mize said his contractor would continue to maintain the road, which has a gravel surface.

Ultimately, the Emergency Services Committee forwarded the matter to the full commission.

Solid Waste Board appointed: County Commission’s Community Development Committee gave a preliminary nod of approval to proposed terms for the Scott County Solid Waste Board.

Presented by Mary Ann Perdue, the county’s solid waste coordinator, the board will consist of Winfield representative Jerry Dodson, Oneida representative Mitzi Baxter, Huntsville representative Tammie Burchfield, and Scott County representatives Nancy Chambers, Eddie Pierce, Sam Lyles and Ronnie Phillips.

Each of the members has a four-year term, with the exception of Chambers’ six-year term and Lyles’ two-year term. As a result, Dodson and Baxter will see their terms expire on Sept. 1, 2020, while the remainder of the board’s terms will expire on Sept. 1, 2018.