A couple of days of summer-like heat have come to an abrupt halt across the Cumberlands this Sunday afternoon, with widespread thunderstorms associated with a disturbance that will once again deliver cooler temperatures to much of the eastern U.S. this upcoming week.

As we enter the first full week of June, a rainy Monday is expected to be followed by yet another cool-down as our decidedly un-summer-like summer continues with a topsy-turvy temperature pattern. In fact, we may not hit 80 degrees until one week from today, although temps will be rebounding into the upper 70s by Friday and Saturday.

Between now and then, though, temps should stay primarily in the lower 70s during the day, dropping into the lower 50s at night, which is a bit cool for early June. It wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see temps struggle to get out of the 60s on Wednesday, depending on how much cloud cover remains in place over the Cumberlands as an upper level low pressure system impacts parts of the eastern U.S.

Beyond next weekend, the GFS forecast model is consistently showing a pattern that is much more like a typical summer begin to assert itself, perhaps with some staying power beyond just the day or two we've seen thus far. The GFS actually dries out considerably for the next 15 days, with Monday's rainfall followed by much less precipitation for the next couple of weeks. After next weekend, the GFS is consistently showing temps in the upper 80s and lower 90s for at least a week.

If that happens, it will be the first such occurrence we've seen this season. I would caution that the GFS has shown hot temperatures on the horizon already this season, only to squash them as yet another dip in the jet stream allows upper level troughs to take hold over the eastern U.S. However, this is something that has support from other models, as well, and it would be surprising if we don't see our first 90+ temps of summer for the northern Cumberland Plateau region as we move into the middle of June.

Pool weather at last? It just might be, in about eight days.

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