HUNTSVILLE — A 20-year-old Helenwood man was arrested late Sunday evening after allegedly faking an injury and calling 911 in an effort to obtain a ride from Sheriff's Department deputies.

James Britt Stewart, 20, of Helenwood Loop Road in Helenwood, was arrested and charged with making 911 calls in a non-emergency situation.

Allegedly, Stewart called 911 just before midnight Sunday evening and told dispatchers that he had fallen and "injured himself so bad that he could not walk." A warrant filed by Scott County Sheriff's Department deputy Keith Hawkins stated that Stewart told dispatchers that "his back was locked up and he couldn't move his left leg." He told dispatchers that he did not need an ambulance, "just a police officer."

When Hawkins arrived at Stewart's Helenwood Detour Road location, along with Sgt. Jerried Jeffers and K-9 deputy Daniel Garrett, Stewart was allegedly discovered lying in a ditch, but did not seem injured, according to the warrant.

"After catching (Stewart) in several lies, he finally admitted that he called 911 and faked injury to try to get an officer to taxi him to his mother's home several miles away," Hawkins wrote in the warrant.