JACKSBORO — A Campbell County attorney has been disbarred by the Supreme Court of Tennessee for misappropriating funds in a real estate transaction.

Conrad Mark Troutman was disbarred from the practice of law by the Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 28. According to the court's Board of Professional Responsibility, Troutman was found to have misappropriated funds while serving as the closing attorney in a real estate transaction, and misused his trust account to pay personal and business expenses.

The Board of Professional Responsibility filed a petition for discipline against Troutman on Feb. 3, 2016, based on two complaints of misconduct. The petition alleged that Troutman misappropriated $200,000 from his trust account and misused the trust account to pay personal and business expenses. He later agreed to a conditional guilty plea that acknowledged his unethical conduct.

Troutman is not permitted to return to an active law practice until an order of reinstatement has been entered by the Supreme Court.