HUNTSVILLE — A former constable and Scott County Sheriff’s Department deputy was sentenced to three years of probation last week after pleading no contest to charges that he shot several youths with a BB gun as they played at a church function near his home.

Michael Wilson was accused of shooting at least three teens as they played volleyball at the Oneida Church of God on Paint Rock Road in May 2015. Oneida Police Department officers who investigated the case alleged that he was intoxicated at the time of the attack.

During criminal court proceedings on Wednesday, Feb. 8, Wilson — who was charged with three counts of assault — entered a “no contest” plea. No contest pleas allow defendants to admit no guilt while acknowledging that sufficient evidence exists for a likely conviction.

As a result, Wilson will avoid jail time — serving three years of unsupervised probation — but his bid to eventually have his record expunged through judicial diversion was denied.

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