For the second time in two days, Scott County authorities on Tuesday charged a couple in a drug case with child neglect.

The latest incident was spawned by a traffic stop in Oneida around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday evening. According to a report filed by Scott County Sheriff's Department drug agent Kris Lewallen, he stopped a vehicle on Alberta Street near Bethlehem Baptist Church after noticing it "weaving all over the road."

According to the report, Lewallen was speaking to the driver — Loucinda Ball, 31 — when Oneida Police Department patrolman Toby Jeffers noticed her attempting to conceal hypodermic needles with her right hand, which was hidden inside her wallet.

After asking Ball to exit the vehicle, officers allegedly found seven hypodermic needles in her wallet, her pockets and "on her person." She was also in possession of a bottle of human urine and a Suboxone bottle containing a single Suboxone pill.

A passenger inside the vehicle — Toby Eldridge, 35 — was found to be in possession of a small spoon that had a melted Suboxone pill in it, along with a needle and another bottle containing human urine.

According to Lewallen's report, it was determined that Ball's vehicle was weaving on the highway because the couple were attempting to "shoot up pills" while driving.

The report stated that a small child in the back seat of the vehicle told officers that she was asked to urinate in a cup for her mother. Allegedly, Ball and Eldridge admitted to officers that they were taking the child's urine to the doctor's office because "they thought they were going to have to provide a clean urine test in order to pass the drug test" for an unnamed Suboxone clinic in Oneida.

Ball and Eldridge were charged with possession of a Schedule III controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of the Drug Free School Zone Act, and child endangerment.

Oneida Police Department investigator Dustin Burke purchased a Mcdonald's Happy Meal for the child, who was released into the custody of a family member for her safety.

Also assisting at the scene was OPD's Bill Miller.