State Senator Ken Yager, R-Kingston.

NASHVILLE — State Senator Ken Yager, R-Kingston, will serve as chairman of the Tennessee Senate's State & Local Government Committee during the 110th General Assembly, it was announced Thursday.

Yager, who also chaired the committee in the 109th General Assembly, tweeted confirmation of his appointment by Lt. Governor Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge. McNally was elected to the lieutenant governor position on Tuesday.

McNally, who also serves as Speaker of the Senate, announced the committee chairmanships and appointments on Thursday, heaping out praise on his fellow senators.

“With such a talented and skilled membership, I was lucky to have myriad options for our important committee positions,” Lt. Governor McNally stated. “Tennessee’s success is not a matter of luck. It is the result of the right people being in the right places to make the right decisions.”

“We have an outstanding membership in the Senate. Any one of our members could serve in almost any capacity and achieve success,” McNally continued. “I believe strongly we have assembled the strongest possible team to confront the issues that affect this great state.”

Notable changes include the appointment of Sen. Bo Watson, R-Hixon, as Finance, Ways and Means Chairman replacing McNally. Sen. Jim Tracy, R-Shelbyville, will serve as Speaker Pro Tempore replacing Watson. Sen. Paul Bailey, R-Sparta, will take over chairmanship of the Transportation and Safety committee from Tracy. McNally also appointed Sen. Ferrell Haile, R-Gallatin, as deputy speaker.

“Having served as first vice chair, Bo Watson has the experience and know-how to chair our finance committee,” said McNally. “From his expert handling of the budget subcommittee to his methodical and informative bill review sessions, Sen. Watson has proved time and again that he has a sophisticated understanding of the budget process and many other issues. He is a fiscal conservative in every respect. He will do what needs to be done to ensure our budget remains balanced, our economy strong and our credit remains 'Triple A' rated. I have every confidence he will be an outstanding Finance, Ways and Means chairman.”

“As Speaker Pro Tempore I need a steady hand and no one is more steady than Jim Tracy,” McNally continued. “He has done excellent work for the people of Tennessee as chairman of our transportation committee. He has the heart and the leadership qualities keep the Senate running at a high level. I’m positive he will continue to do that same great job as Speaker Pro Tempore.”

“Paul Bailey has not only served on the Transportation and Safety Committee as a member he has amassed excellent subject matter knowledge as the operator of his family trucking business,” said McNally. “It has been said the best cure to any social ill is good paying job. And the key to good paying jobs is the roads, bridges and infrastructure that support them. I am confident that Chairman Bailey will do an excellent work making sure.”

“Sen. Haile is an experienced legislator and a true servant leader. He will be a true asset as Deputy Speaker,” said McNally.

The Senate has nine standing committees and four select committees: Commerce and Labor; Education; Energy, Agriculture, and Natural Resources; Finance, Ways and Means; Health and Welfare; Government Operations, Judiciary; State and Local Government; Transportation and Safety; Ethics; Delayed Bills; Rules; and Calendar.

Yager will serve on the Commerce & Labor Committee and the Energy, Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee, in addition to the State & Local Government Committee.