Customers of Plateau Electric Cooperative will see a slight increase on their bills, beginning in October, the cooperative said Friday.

The increase is due to a rate increase from the Tennessee Valley Authority. However, it is low enough that most customers may hardly notice it.

TVA announced last month that it is raising rates 1.5 percent as part of a $10.7 billion budget for fiscal year 2015 approved by the agency's board of directors on Aug. 21.

"We have carefully considered the impact this might have on our customers and the businesses, industries and people of the region," said TVA President and CEO Bill Johnson. "This small rate adjustment in addition to our internal cost reductions is necessary to meet revenue requirements for 2015."

PEC said customers in its service area of Scott and Morgan counties can expect to see an estimated $1.50 per month increase on their monthly bill beginning Oct. 1.

"This is a pass through rate increase (from TVA), and not an increase from PEC," Plateau Electric Cooperative Communications Director Jacob Billingsley said.

"Our goal at Plateau Electric Cooperative is to provide safe, reliable energy at a low cost to those in our service area."