Two elderly women were rescued by emergency workers after their car left the roadway and plunged into Pine Creek Saturday morning.

The accident occurred on O&W Road just west of the Town of Oneida’s wastewater treatment plant.

Reportedly, the women’s vehicle left the roadway, plunged down a small embankment, and landed awkwardly in the creek, which was flowing at normal summer levels.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Department and Scott County Rescue Squad were dispatched to the scene. Sheriff’s deputies and rescue squad volunteers worked in tandem to free the women from the vehicle, using baskets lowered by ropes to pull them to safety.

Both occupants of the vehicle were transported by Scott County Ambulance Service to Pioneer Community Hospital, but responding rescue workers said it was a precautionary measure only, and that both women appeared to be okay.

The accident occurred shortly after another mishap that required the Rescue Squad’s services at Burnt Mill Bridge near Robbins.