This past week, as we paid respects to Scott County’s most famous native son, Howard H. Baker Jr., I made an effort to read a wide diversity of print media to see how other parts of the country reported on the Senator’s legacy.

I read the Knoxville News Sentinel, and thanks to online access, the New York Times, the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Journal-Constitution in Atlanta, and The Tennessean in Nashville.

The feature articles and commentary by Paul Roy and Ben Garrett on the life and legacy of Senator Baker were more insightful, heartfelt and interesting than any coverage I could find. The vintage photos and personal reflections of Paul Roy were unique and moving.

Now that the eulogies are over and the era of the “Great Conciliator” has passed, I am proud that our humble, remote place called Scott County produced one of the greatest statesmen in American history, and that a small-town newspaper in Senator Baker’s own home county told the story of his life better than any other big-city print media in the whole country.

On rare occasions, I keep a select newspaper to preserve my memory of an historic event. The July 3, 2014 Independent Herald is a “keeper.” Kudos to journalists Ben Garrett and Paul Roy.

Judge Jamie Cotton