KNOXVILLE — Adam B. Winters, the 25-year-old Scott County native charged with federal extortion charges, has agreed to plead guilty, according to court documents.

Winters, who allegedly attempted to sell slides of Oak Ridge’s Y-12 nuclear facility, signed an agreement last week. While the formal plea agreement and sentencing have not been scheduled on the docket of the U.S. District Court in Knoxville, the federal government has agreed to seek a penalty of no less than six months in prison.

Winters allegedly sent emails to representatives of Y-12, the FBI and U.S. vice president Joe Biden, threatening to auction the slides or release them to news media. The exact nature of the slides have not been unveiled in court proceedings or documents; apparently, Winters’ perception is that they would be damaging to the facility’s reputation.

Winters first sought $5 million for the slides, a price he later lowered to $2.5 million. He was arrested when he showed up at Y-12 with the slides to meet an undercover federal agent. The agent arranged the meeting under the pretense of purchasing the slides.