A delay of at least 10 days in the release of TCAP scores means that local students in grades 3-8 will not see their second semester grade negatively impacted by their score on last month's statewide test.

All schools were notified on Tuesday by the Tennessee Department of Education that there would be a delay of at least 10 days in the release of TCAP scores. By law, TCAP scores are required to count as a percentage of the students' final grade. In local school systems, the scores count as 15 percent of the second semester average.

Due to the delay, the Department of Education provided school systems with two options: postpone students' end-of-year final grades until scores are released, or request a waiver allowing them to calculate students' final grades without TCAP scores.

Both the Oneida Special School District and the Scott County School System applied for the waiver, with the approval of each system's board of education, and the waivers were granted.

In a joint news release by Oneida director of schools Ann Sexton and Scott County director of schools Bill Hall, the directors stated that report cards for students in grades 3-8 will be finalized, printed and sent home with students without TCAP scores being included.

However, students whose grades would benefit from the TCAP scores will have their grades adjusted once the scores are made available.

"When TCAP scores are available, we will analyze them and see if the inclusion of the TCAP score would benefit the final score on the report card," the release stated. "In that circumstance, the final grade will be officially adjusted on the permanent record. We will not adjust any grade that would result in a student's final grade decreasing.

"This will hopefully allow families to end the school year on a positive note without having anxiety or concern about undetermined grades."

The directors said that TCAP scores will be sent to parents after they are received from the state.