A couple accused of burglarizing vending machines at an Oneida business were caught red-handed by Oneida Police Department officers early Tuesday morning.

Mark Watson, 28, of Clinton, and LaDonna K. Ping, 29, of Eubank, Ky., were arrested by OPD during the overnight hours as they allegedly attempted to burglarize vending machines at the Clothes Pin laundromat in Oneida. The couple is suspected of burglarizing several other vending machines at businesses throughout Scott County prior to hitting the Oneida laundry.

According to Oneida chief of police Darryl Laxton, dispatchers received a report of a noise at the Clothes Pin and alerted officers. Sgt. Brett Bond arrived at the business less than a minute later and allegedly caught Watson in the act of smashing a soda vending machine with a crow bar.

As Sgt. Bond took Watson into custody at gun-point, the get-away car — driven by King — allegedly attempted to flee, but encountered patrolman Adam Douglas, who was arriving on the scene to provide back-up assistance for Bond.

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