[box type="info" color="000000" bg="cccc99" font="trebuchet" fontsize="12" float="right" head="More Information" headbg="000000" headcolor="ffffff"]Read the complete Scott County audit (PDF, 1.6mb)[/box]NASHVILLE — An annual audit of Scott County government’s business-type activities and major funds revealed only minor, routine discrepancies, the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office announced Monday.

Among those findings for fiscal year 2012-2013 were that the county’s government-wide financial statements did not include the capital assets of the Scott County Airport Authority, that duties were not segregated adequately among employees in the offices of County Clerk, Circuit Court Clerk, Clerk & Master and Register of Deeds, and that multiple employees were operating from the same cash drawer in the Register of Deeds’ office.

The comptroller’s Department of Audit recommended that Scott County take steps to determine the value of assets of the Airport Authority to correct the minor finding on the government-wide financial statements.

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