I have lived in this area all my life. Growing up, the address was Route 2...no big deal. But when houses and businesses had to have a 911 address, that was a big deal since whomever labeled the 911 address the same as a little-known creek that runs through the area:  Niggs Creek Road.  Perhaps this the road name is not a big deal to some, but I deal with a lot of people over the telephone due to ongoing paperwork, and to the majority of them, the road name is offensive.  I have actually had people openly tell me to "do something about it," i.e., getting the road name changed.

Firstly, it never should have been stuck with that moniker up front when the 911 addresses were being set as it easily could have been given some schmoozy name that people put together on roads or newly developed housing districts where they are named after their children or even something better. But no; the name was stuck on the road before we could get it changed and thus it has remained, causing my family and I problems every so often throughout the years because of it. And it is embarrassing to state when I have to give out my address.

A quick and easy change could be to change it to Nicks Creek Road whereas only two letters would have to be changed, and then neither me nor my family would have to worry whether or not others are going to disregard our medical paperwork or we are going to be harassed either in person or over the phone by someone taking an order from me. And trust me: this has happened more times than some might think.

But seriously:  how difficult would it be to change this road to Nicks Creek Road, and wouldn't it be an easy change to make when checks are ordered and the like since it would not be like changing the entire name? Lastly, surely there are other folks on this road who have encountered the same problems that my family and I have when we have to give our street address out to others...surely?

Myra Marcum

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