Weston Wamp announces congressional bid

Tennessee 3rd District congressional candidate Weston Wamp. (Photo: WestonWamp.com)
Tennessee 3rd District congressional candidate Weston Wamp. (Photo: WestonWamp.com)

CHATTANOOGA — Weston Wamp is attempting another bid to win his father’s old congressional seat, he announced Monday in Chattanooga.

Wamp, the son of former Congressman Zach Wamp, announced that he will again challenge Rep. Chuck Fleischmann in the Republican primary for Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District, slated for Aug. 7, 2014.

“After months of consideration, my wife, Shelby, and I feel a responsibility to offer the people of the Third District a choice as to who will represent them in Washington. As Americans, we have no control over our government if we don’t have a choice at the ballot box and I believe voters deserve a choice. Over the next six and a half months Shelby and I will spend our days and nights sharing our ideas and vision for the future of our country across the Third District,” said Wamp.

Fleischmann — who, like Wamp, is a Chattanooga Republican — claimed the 3rd District seat in 2010 when Zach Wamp left to seek the GOP’s nod for governor.

In 2012, Fleischmann defeated Weston Wamp and dairy mogul Scottie Mayfield in the GOP primary en route to winning a second term.

In announcing his candidacy for Congress, Wamp stressed that while he lost the primary two years ago, he won Hamilton County — home to both he and Fleischmann.

The Fleischmann camp, however, was dismissive of Wamp’s bid.

“Of course Weston Wamp is running,” Fleischmann spokesman Jordan Powell said. “He never stopped running after the 2012 election — except for the few months he thought about running in another Tennessee congressional district. He comes from a family consumed with politics and is simply continuing that tradition; his announcement comes as no surprise.”

Wamp had his own biting words for Fleischmann.

"This Congress is the least productive and least popular in our nation's history and for three years now, Chuck Fleischmann has simply gone along with the flow," Wamp said. "He has done nothing to change Washington, nor has he been effective as a legislator on behalf of our district."

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