With Pioneer Community Hospital of Scott officially open, as of Monday, the next step for Pioneer Health Services is to expand its health care offerings in Scott County, the firm said last week.

“In the months ahead, we will be adding more medical providers, opening family medical clinics, expanding our medical service lines, and recruiting physician specialists in order to make your health care experience even more convenient,” Pioneer said in a press release last week.

On Monday, hospital CEO Tony Taylor expanded briefly on that plan.

“We’re working with local physicians, talking to them about opening clinics,” Taylor said. However, he added, he can offer only vague details because nothing concrete has yet resulted from those discussions.

The Independent Herald has learned that Pioneer is nearing a deal with one prominent Oneida physician. Sources closely connected to the hospital confirmed that the physician would work closely with the hospital in addition to his family medical practice.

However, Taylor said Monday that nothing could be confirmed or speculated upon because “there are no contracts in place” with the hospital and any potential service provider, indicating that no deal has been finalized.