BANDY CREEK — The Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area is proposing a fee increase for the group campgrounds at Bandy Creek, the park announced Wednesday.

Citing an "increase in demand and use" of the two group camps at Bandy Creek Campground, the park has proposed to increase the nightly rate from $75 to $125.

The two group camps are situated adjacent to one another, separate from the rest of the campground. Each camp can accommodate 96 people per night and includes a bathhouse with showers and an enclosed picnic pavilion with electrical outlets, stone fireplace and grill.

According to the park, the proposal would mark the first fee increase for the group camps in over 10 years, and "remove any possibility of the park unintentionally undercutting local businesses."

The park says it would use the increased revenues to improve park operations and facilities under the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act.

Among the areas where work is currently being done with funding from the collection of recreation fees are trail improvements and the installation of bear-proof food storage lockers.

Comments or questions about the proposed change can be submitted to the park superintendent in writing, Big South Fork Superintendent, 4564 Leatherwood Road, Oneida, TN 37841, or by calling 423-569-9778.