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Road Supt. objects budget restraints

HUNTSVILLE — In a highly unusual turn of events here Monday evening, County Commission’s Intergovernmental Committee was reconvened several minutes after it had adjourned to discuss and act on two non-agenda items.

County Attorney John Beaty informed the committee that it could re-open the meeting if there were no objections from the full body of commissioners present.

There being none, Committee Chairman Ron Blevins called the meeting back to order, during which:

• By a 4-2 vote, the committee approved conducting two public hearings required before a section of an abandoned county road in the 7th district could legally be closed (at the request of Jerry Gonzales); and,

• Agreed to look into allegations brought by Road Supt. Dick Sexton against Finance Director Brian Strunk, who he accused of “micro-managing” his budget.

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