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JACKSBORO — Maria Naess and Marcus Chambers both earned wins in the 3,200 meter run during Scott's track and field event here Tuesday.

Chambers won in the men's field with a time of 12:00, while Naess won in the ladies' field with a time of 14:34. Kailey Pemberton finished fifth with a time of 16:46.

Chambers also finished fifth in the 800 meter run, with a time of 2:32. Naess finished seventh in that event, with a time of 3:11.

At the same event, Alora Beth Lowe finished second in the shot put and third in the discus.

In the shot put event, Lowe had a distance of 28 ft., 6 in., while Amber Wallace finished seventh with a distance of 24 ft., 9 in. Karah Hutson, Summer Botts and JR Bruce also participated in the event.

In the discus, Lowe had a distance of 96 ft., 3 in. Hutson, Botts and Bruce competed in the event as well.

Other highlights included Myranda Chaney and Brittany Morrow tying for third in the long jump, with distances of 12 ft., 2 in. Emily Brewster finished fifth with a distance of 12 ft., 1 in.

Morrow finished fourth in the triple jump with a distance of 24 ft., 1 in.

Scott's men's 4x800 meter relay team finished second, with a time of 10:29. The team consists of James Kries, Andrew Hamby, Chambers and Austin Morrow.

The SHS ladies finished fourth in the event, with a time of 14:02. The team consists of Heaven Smithers, Hannah Cross, Kailey Pemberton and Naess.

Both SHS 4x100 meter relay teams finished third — the men with a time of 50.7 seconds and the ladies with a time of 59.4 seconds. The teams consisted of Tyler Watson, Dylan Allen, Daniel Mayse, Zach Gibson, Ashley Armstrong, Emily Brewster, Kelsie Bertram and Khristian Chambers.

The ladies' 4x400 meter relay team — consisting of Armstrong, Smithers, Amber Wallace and Chambers — finished third with a time of 5:25.

The men's 4x400 team finished fourth, with a time of 4:25. The team consisted of Gibson, Allen, James Kries and Chambers.

Finally, both SHS relay teams finished fourth in the 4x200 meter relay, the men with a time of 1:46 and the ladies with a time of 2:23. The teams consisted of Gibson, Watson, Mayse, Morrow, Armstrong, Makayla King, Smithers and Trista Heath.

In the 100 meter dash, Gibson finished fourth with a time of 12.0 seconds and Watson finished seventh with a time of 12.3 seconds. Allen, King and Smithers also participated.

In the 100/110 meter hurdles, Khristian Chambers finished seventh with a time of 19.4, while Emilie Brewster finished eighth with a time of 19.9. Kelsie Bertram also participated.