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WINFIELD — The Board of Mayor and Aldermen here on Tuesday (Feb. 12) issued a certificate of compliance for the town’s first-ever package store.

The certificate was issued to Bradley M. Anderson, who has made application for a liquor store under the business name Stone Cold Liquor. Anderson was the first — and only — applicant for a liquor license.

Acting in its capacity as the town’s beer board, the board of aldermen voted 4-0 to approve the certificate of compliance.

According to Anderson’s application, the store will be constructed at 24135 Scott Highway. Reportedly, that tract of land was recently sold to Anderson by Winfield mayor David Cecil.

Cecil, who does not have an interest in the proposed business, abstained from voting on the certificate of compliance due to that recent sale.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved an ordinance limiting the establishment of liquor stores in the town to just one.

With the certificate of compliance received, Anderson can now seek a license from the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Once that step is complete, Anderson will again appear before the town to obtain a retail license, after which the store can be opened.

Voters in the town approved a referendum permitting package stores by a single vote in November. By a slightly wider margin, voters also approved the sale of liquor by the drink.

Currently, the closest package store to Scott County is 141 Wine & Spirits just off I-75's Oneida-Huntsville exit on S.R. 63 in Caryville. Proponents of legalized liquor in Winfield hoped to offset the town's declining beer tax revenues with a new revenue stream from liquor sales. The town relies heavily on those taxes in lieu of a property tax.